About Sol Alchemy

Sol Alchemy Snacks have been consciously created to provide delicious premium plant-based snacks that are formulated for optimal health. Using only whole food ingredients that have been well researched and ethically sourced, they include adaptogens and other powerful botanical herbs that work to heal our bodies in convenient bites of goodness.

Ingredients matter

All of the ingredients in Sol Alchemy products are mindfully chosen as the healthiest and clean foods with unique formulations unlike anything else on the market. No gluten, or added sugars, no un-pronounceable additives. Choosing only the finest quality plant based ingredients we source local from farmers we trust and import our fair-trade artisan crafted chocolate chips directly from Italy. The addition of exotic botanical herbs sourced from their native countries makes our products perfect for intentional eating.

Each type of bite offers a healthful benefit

Cacao Brownie Bites – Red Reishi Mushroom boosts immunity by shielding the body from free radicals, along with gut-healthy prebiotic polysaccharides, and antioxidants galore.

Cookie Dough – Brahmi Powder is Ayuveda’s favorite herb for the mind, enhancing memory and learning capability, and promoting a joyful sense of calm and peace.

Almond Cherry Bites – Suma Root has historically been used in the Amazon by indigenous tribes to increase energy, packed with electrolytes and minerals — fueling the body with exactly what it needs.

packaging matters

For our pouches, we sought out packaging that is 85% post-consumer recycled materials. It sets a high standard and we feel it is a best practice for consumable goods. By purchasing a product packaged with post-consumer recycled material, you help make our recycling efforts actually make a difference!


women owned

Businesses owned by women are growing in importance as more and more women are self-sustaining by opening their own companies. Gabriella Gordillo has started and operated a number of businesses. She brings her passion for quality food with a purpose to Sol Alchemy Snacks. It has been her drive to create delicious and healthy premium quality snacks that are convenient. Not only delicious, but good for you too. In Sol Alchemy she is reinventing the way we snack, creating never before available, bites of exotic combinations of plants and herbs that heal the body and soul. Her products are hand crafted to perfection each bite brings layers of texture to our taste buds while decadent luxurious flavors reveal themselves through every bite.