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Top 10 (Recommended) Healthy Work Snacks For The Office

By |2021-07-13T05:20:01+00:00July 13, 2021|Sol Alchemy Healthy Snack Recipes|

We all know how hard it can be to eat healthy at work. The constant supply of sugary, trans fat loaded healthy snacks for work sitting on the breakroom table requires too much willpower to avoid. In addition to day-to-day availability, several other factors can lead to unhealthy work snacking, including: Stress eating (which is worsened when you factor in all the cortisol) Groupthink kicks in when your coworkers are eating unhealthy or overeating Between anniversaries, promotions, and farewells, the celebrations never end — and neither does the free food So we reached out to 49 health experts (i.e. nutritionists, [...]

Raw Vegan No-Bake Mini Cheesecakes

By |2021-05-10T13:14:03+00:00April 18, 2021|Sol Alchemy Healthy Snack Recipes|

When you think of cheesecake, you likely don’t immediately think of “healthy.” We can’t blame you there– we’ve all come to think of the decadent, fatty, sugary dessert as only being available in one form. Luckily, there’s almost always a way to make the sweet treats we grew up with into healthy, plant-based wonders. Here’s our delicious version of everyone’s favorite– cheesecake, using none other than Sol Alchemy Snacks Almond Cherry snack bites as both inspiration and the main ingredient.  Ingredients: 1 ½ cups soaked cashews (soaking them overnight in water ensures they are soft and moist, which allows [...]

Amazing Nut Butter Sandwich

By |2021-05-16T08:48:49+00:00April 18, 2021|Sol Alchemy Healthy Snack Recipes|

Nut Butter Sandwhich We’re always looking for fun and innovative ways to eat Sol Alchemy Snacks snack bites, and there’s nothing easier to create than this new recipe we’re sharing with you today. Nut butter is the star of the show here, serving as a filling for our little sandwiches, as well as providing healthy proteins and fats to your afternoon pick-me-up. This snack is full of filling nutrients, alongside undeniably delicious flavor. Fresh raspberries ensure you get a handful of vitamins in there as well, while packing a tart punch. It only takes a few minutes to put [...]

Sol Alchemy Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Bowl

By |2021-08-27T03:43:24+00:00March 28, 2021|Sol Alchemy Healthy Snack Recipes|

Sometimes you just get hit with a craving so strong you have to honor it. If you ever happen to crave pumpkin pie, we have just the solution for you! This pumpkin pie smoothie bowl is a delicious treat, but of course we always try to keep our recipes as nutrient-dense as possible, so you can confidently know that this bowl is filled with vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats. The best breakfasts are the ones that fuel you and satisfy you while also providing you with the nutrition you need to take on your day, and this bowl [...]

Spotlight on Superfoods, Part One: All About Suma Root

By |2021-05-16T08:57:23+00:00March 28, 2021|Sol Alchemy Snack Healthy Benefits|

Suma Root Here at Sol Alchemy Snacks, we are always thrilled to provide you with snacks that taste as good as they make you feel. When you bite into one of our irresistible snacks, you can be sure that you’re fueling your body with high-quality ingredients that just so happen to have a big impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing. Some of our ingredients are extra special, packing that extra punch of nutrition you need to get through your day. Yes, we’re talking about superfoods! One such superfood that deserves its own spotlight is Suma Root. Suma is [...]

Spotlight on Superfoods, Part Two: All about Red Reishi

By |2021-05-16T08:57:14+00:00March 28, 2021|Sol Alchemy Snack Healthy Benefits|

Red Reishi When we think of mushrooms, what comes to mind first? Maybe a vegetable stir fry… maybe a truffle pizza… maybe even a portobello stuffed ravioli. Whatever your answer is, it almost certainly isn’t sweet and chewy date-based snack bites. We know what you’re thinking. Mushrooms? In a sweet snack? Yes! As it turns out, mushrooms can take many forms, and can be an integral part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. Reishi mushroom is just one of the superfoods that we integrate into our plant-based snack bites here at Sol Alchemy Snacks, and today, we are thrilled to be [...]

Spotlight on Superfoods, Part Three: All About Brahmi

By |2021-05-16T08:46:01+00:00March 27, 2021|Sol Alchemy Snack Healthy Benefits|

Brahmi Enjoying a delicious snack is a simple activity that has numerous benefits on its own– you’re curbing your hunger, feeding your body, taking a moment for yourself in what may be an otherwise jam-packed day. But when you choose the right snack, you’re doing yourself even more favors. Our snacks fuel every part of you– body, mind, and soul. We choose the most wholesome, yummy ingredients that help keep you satisfied in every way, and when it comes to the superfoods we add to each snack, our standards are no different. One such ingredient is the amazing Brahmi, which [...]

Delicious Cookie Dough Banana Berry Oatmeal

By |2021-05-16T09:05:52+00:00January 6, 2021|Sol Alchemy Healthy Snack Recipes|

Recipe for Oatmeal There’s no better way to warm up on a chilly day than with a hearty bowl of steamy oatmeal. Made up of filling, slow-burning carbs, they are the perfect base for just about any breakfast bowl. Even better, when you add Sol Alchemy snack bites to the top, you’ve got yourself a delicious and nutritionally complete meal. For this bowl of oats, you only need a few simple ingredients. Simply add to a pot: 1 cup oats 2 cups plant-based milk of choice 1 mashed banana Pinch of cinnamon Pinch of salt 2 tbsp ground flaxseed Cook [...]

Cacao Cashew Milk

By |2021-05-16T11:17:36+00:00December 14, 2020|Sol Alchemy Healthy Snack Recipes|

<h2>Recipe for Cacao Cashew Milk</h2> Cookies and milk are the ultimate holiday pairing. If it’s good enough for Santa Claus, it’s good enough for us! There’s nothing quite like dipping a sweet, yummy cookie into some creamy, smooth milk. It doesn’t get much better than that. Now what if both of those options were vegan and made only from natural, whole-food ingredients? Today we are sharing with you a cacao cashew milk recipe that you can make from the comfort of your own home, which just so happens to be the perfect beverage to dip your Sol Alchemy Snacks into. [...]

Cookie Dough Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches

By |2021-05-17T07:44:34+00:00December 9, 2020|Sol Alchemy Healthy Snack Recipes|

Recipe for Cookie Dough Banana Ice Cream Sandwiches There’s nothing quite like a creamy, delicious old-fashioned ice cream sandwich as an afternoon treat. Biting into one is so nostalgic and irresistible that we’re tempted to pick up a box from the freezer aisle every time we make a trip to the grocery store. If the traditional kind didn’t contain obscene amounts of sugar and unhealthy fats, we’d surely eat one after every meal. While there are healthier-than-the-alternative options available out there, you’d have a tough time finding an ice cream sandwich that ticked all the boxes when it came [...]

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