<h2>Recipe for Cacao Cashew Milk</h2>

Cookies and milk are the ultimate holiday pairing. If it’s good enough for Santa Claus, it’s good enough for us! There’s nothing quite like dipping a sweet, yummy cookie into some creamy, smooth milk. It doesn’t get much better than that. Now what if both of those options were vegan and made only from natural, whole-food ingredients? Today we are sharing with you a cacao cashew milk recipe that you can make from the comfort of your own home, which just so happens to be the perfect beverage to dip your Sol Alchemy Snacks into.

You will need:

Cashews are a perfect nut for making homemade milk because they have a slightly sweet, beautiful flavor. Cashews are full of healthy fats and other healthy benefits. Also, unlike other plant-based nut milks, when done the right way, cashew milk requires no straining. As long as you use a high-speed blender, the cashews and water will combine to make a delicious, thick but not-too-thick alternative milk. The cashews work well with the cacao powder used in this recipe, and the two make an excellent healthy version of traditional chocolate milk when they’re working their magic together.

First things first–– you’ll need to soak your cashews. In order to achieve an ideal consistency, the cashews need to be completely soft. In order to make that happen, they need to spend at least six hours in water. Usually, that can be best accomplished by covering the nuts with water in a sealed mason jar, then placing it in the fridge overnight. The nuts will soak up the water and become so soft you can squish them between your fingers. This is the ideal level of softness when it comes to making milk. You can throw those soft cashews into the blender, then add the other ingredients over top of them–– your chai spice mix, cacao powder, coconut sugar, and water.

The chai spice lends some flavor interest, while the cacao powder makes this into a chocolate milk spinoff. Cacao also has numerous health benefits, which add some kick to this otherwise plain milk. Coconut palm sugar is a lower-glycemic sweetener, and of course is also a whole-food alternative to cane sugar. It’s also full of minerals and has nutritional benefits. It adds a delightful sweetness to the milk. Since it’s such a small amount, it’s not too much to spike your blood sugar or make this beverage overly sweet. If you were looking for another sweetener option, you could use maple syrup or a medjool date, and if you aren’t strictly vegan, you can even substitute honey.

When you add the water to your blender, you’re ready to turn it on. The cashews will need a few moments to fully blend and combine with the water to create a delicious creamy milk, so be sure to leave your blender on for as long as it needs. You’ll be left with a perfect non-dairy milk that you can take pride in saying you made yourself. The milk should be foamy when you pour it into the glass–– no straining required!

Now you’re ready for the moment of truth–– the dipping! Go ahead and grab your favorite flavor of Sol Alchemy Snacks–– we prefer Cookie Dough, to make it more authentic–– but any of them will work with the neutral and universally delicious taste of cacao. Grab a nut bite and dip it into the glass of cacao cashew milk, and we’re sure you’ll say to yourself, “Now that’s snack magic!”