We’ve all been there. It’s 3:00 PM, you’ve been running around all day, and you’re starting to feel desperate for a mid-afternoon snack to keep you going. If you’re not well-prepared, reaching for an unhealthy option to satisfy your hunger can feel like the easiest choice. But if you’re anything like us, you’re constantly searching for healthy, wholesome, and delicious snacks that leave you feeling fueled when that mid-afternoon slump hits. Unfortunately, finding products that tick all of those boxes can be quite a challenge. We’re here to fix that! Welcome to the world of Sol Alchemy.

Sol Alchemy Snacks have been consciously created to provide delicious bite-sized plant-based snacks that are formulated for optimal health. We create our snacks using only whole food ingredients, ensuring that your source of fuel is as natural and free of additives as possible. We exclusively use well-researched and ethically-sourced ingredients in the creation of our delicious snacks, always including adaptogens and powerful botanical herbs that work to heal our bodies from within. Sol Alchemy Snacks satisfy your hunger in convenient bites of goodness, allowing you to eliminate heavily-processed snacks from your diet altogether.

At Sol Alchemy, we hold ourselves to high standards in regards to sustainability, as all of our plant-based snacks are packaged in 85% post-consumer recycled pouches. We also believe that what you leave out of your snacks is just as important as what you put into them. For that reason, you will never find gluten, dairy, processed sugars, or impossible-to-pronounce chemicals in any Sol Alchemy snacks. Because we keep your overall nutrition in mind, we add a variety of superfoods to every flavor we produce, giving you an extra boost with every bite. Best of all, our delicious selection of different flavors allows you to keep a variety of snacks on hand, ensuring that you never get bored or resort to eating an unhealthy alternative. So the next time you find yourself getting hungry, we encourage you to snack smarter by choosing Sol Alchemy Snacks. You may just find magic in every bite!