Red Reishi

When we think of mushrooms, what comes to mind first? Maybe a vegetable stir fry… maybe a truffle pizza… maybe even a portobello stuffed ravioli. Whatever your answer is, it almost certainly isn’t sweet and chewy date-based snack bites. We know what you’re thinking. Mushrooms? In a sweet snack? Yes! As it turns out, mushrooms can take many forms, and can be an integral part of a healthy, well-balanced diet. Reishi mushroom is just one of the superfoods that we integrate into our plant-based snack bites here at Sol Alchemy Snacks, and today, we are thrilled to be sharing with you all the reasons Reishi is so very special.

Reishi is indeed a mushroom, making it– of course– a fungus. On its own, it has a bitter taste and tough texture that makes it less than ideal for eating in a standalone dish. However, it packs quite a nutritional punch, which means it was an easy choice


for our Cacao Brownie snack bites,The red reishi that we use is in powder form, which allows us to add it to our delicious snack bites without sacrificing flavor or texture. Our Cacao Brownie snack bites are chewy with an added crunch, and they are the perfect snack to add to your afternoon. When you realize just how many benefits you’re potentially getting from our secret ingredient, you’ll be even more excited to dive into a package of these incredible treats.

When it comes to holistic immunity, red reishi is the real deal. Reishi has been shown to boost our immune systems– something we could all use at a time like this. It grows in Asia, and it has been used in traditional medicine for years. Reishi can have an impact on our white blood cells, which indicate a healthy, functioning immune system. White blood cell count is imperative in preventing infection as well as cancer. Our white blood cells are our first line of defense when it comes to illness, so keeping them in fighting shape is truly the key to overall health and wellness. Reishi is a natural, healthy aid in doing so.

Red reishi also has cancer-fighting properties, which may come as a surprise to some. This Reishi mushroom is filled with benefits we never even thought possible. Test tube studies have shown red reishi can potentially kill cancer cells on the spot. This may improve the lives of cancer patients.

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While it may help those of us who do not have cancer, it may also be beneficial to those of us who wish to prevent being diagnosed in the future. Since it has positive effects on our white blood cells, it may aid in preventing cancer altogether. Not bad for a mushroom!

There are also preliminary studies showing that reishi can help reduce anxiety levels, which should come as a relief to those of us who have suffered in the past. Other health benefits of red reishi include heart health, blood sugar control, and antioxidant status! The wonders of this tiny mushroom truly are never-ending. For these numerous benefits, red reishi was our first choice when it came to picking which superfoods should go into our snacks. Only the highest-quality ingredients are used in our products, and the red reishi we source is no different. Join us in living a healthy, wholesome, and abundant life–– chow down on our Cacao Brownie bites, infused with the wonders of red reishi mushroom!