Suma Root

Here at Sol Alchemy Snacks, we are always thrilled to provide you with snacks that taste as good as they make you feel. When you bite into one of our irresistible snacks, you can be sure that you’re fueling your body with high-quality ingredients that just so happen to have a big impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing. Some of our ingredients are extra special, packing that extra punch of nutrition you need to get through your day. Yes, we’re talking about superfoods!

One such superfood that deserves its own spotlight is Suma Root. Suma is a root, or plant medicine, that is also referred to as an adaptogen. Suma is also called Brazilian ginseng, but is not to be confused with regular ginseng, which is another plant medicine entirely. Suma root is often added to products marketed towards natural healing, as the plant has many incredible health properties which can benefit almost anyone.


Adaptogens such as Suma are often used in holistic medicinal practices, as they can adapt to fit your body’s unique needs. Adaptogens can aid the body in fighting against “stressors,” such as outside bacteria or toxins that may build up and cause health issues. Adding Suma Root to your diet or supplement regimen may allow your body to build up a resistance to these stressors and the health problems they may potentially cause. In other words, Suma can be a helpful boost to your already-healthy diet, and provide you with numerous benefits, both mentally and physically.

Traditionally used by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon, Suma is full of saponins and steroidal glycosides, and jam packed with nutrients that can help us achieve our ideal body, both in regard to look and feel. Suma Root is packed with amino acids, electrolytes, minerals and the phytochemical referred to as germanium. Germanium is a powerful cell oxygenator, which is crucial when it comes to maintaining optimal health and vitality. B vitamins, which are found in copious amounts in Suma, are the building blocks/enhancers of testosterone synthesis. Adding Suma to your pre-workout regimen is a great way to give you that competitive edge.

Suma Root is also known for helping to balance blood sugar levels. As we all know, well-regulated blood sugar is crucial to our overall health and wellbeing. When our levels get too high or too low, we can experience the “crash” that none of us ever want to feel. Suma Root helps us avoid that by keeping our blood sugar levels in an optimal balance. Energy levels can be sustained when blood sugar is at a healthy number, as Suma can be an excellent tool in accomplishing that.

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On the sexual health side of things, Suma has its own unique role to play as well. It is a wonderful remedy to any sort of sexual health issues one may be experiencing, specifically working a special type of magic when it comes to problems related to erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. Suma helps get those sexual hormones flowing, which can result in a happier, healthier sex life when added to a healthful diet.

Suma is often used for upping immunity health, as it is known for aiding the body’s natural immune defense systems. Suma can be an excellent source of immune-boosting goodness during high-stress times like flu season, when we are concerned about catching certain bugs. Suma can also provide us with a much-needed energy boost when we don’t want to reach for something like coffee or tea. For this reason, we add Suma to our Energy Bites, which are an excellent addition to your daily routine. There’s simply no better grab-and-go snack than one fortified with superfood-powered nutrition! Pick up a pouch of our Energy Bites today and feel the powerful effects of Suma for yourself.