Water. We are familiar with water. Not only is water an important nutrient, but it is a life force that creates movement within this experience we call life. When it comes to health, water goes beyond hydration that we so often hear about. Water is, in fact, a conscious living entity. Water is a liquid crystal that is able to capture energy at a given moment in time and record such information. Now, not to get too complicated here, but let’s dive a bit into chemistry. Taking a look at a single water molecule, it is given that water(H2O) comprises two, hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. The atoms are connected to each other through stable hydrogen bonding. The single oxygen bonds with a hydrogen on either side. The bonds arrange themselves in a format that creates angles. In short, a water molecule forms a 3D pyramid shape. (Think a pyramid with three faces resting on its base!) Now, when water is “structured”, in other words, manipulated as such to retain significant bond angles and charged, it contains powerful qualities as a liquid crystal. It can range from 104-109 degrees! (109 is the most energized and structured) If you are familiar with crystals, you may know that crystals are used in meditation and can be programmed with intent. The crystal records information that you intentionally “download” into it. Think computer chips– they contain quartz crystals. The same idea with water! It is a magical, fluid structure.

When water is flowing, it creates vortexes that are sensitive to light, sound, electric and magnetic fields, and so forth. In the flowing state, it will capture the surrounding energy. Once the water stops flowing, the energy is recorded At that moment in time and the water is embedded with the information. Now, imagine how water may be taken for granted. What mood are you in when you decide to hydrate? Are you being mindful? Do you feel gratitude and appreciation for the water you are consuming? Your thoughts are energy. The water you drink is aware. So is all the water in every single cell in your body. Not to mention, we are at least 75% comprised of water. It is so vital that we maintain adequate levels of hydration. Many health care practitioners believe consuming at least half the number (in pounds) of body weight in ounces should be the daily liquid intake(alcohol, coffee, caffeinated beverages, soda, and sweetened beverages do not count). Already, the water in our bodies are structured because structured water contains a high amount of polarized charges that allow many biochemical processes in the body to take place. In turn, drinking structured water allows for better nutrient absorption and detoxification in the body. Luckily, it is so easy to structure water! You can simply add a small amount of good quality salt containing healthful trace minerals (Pink Himalayan sea salt, Celtic sea salt, etc) to purified/filtered water to structure it. Be sure to shake the water container vigorously after doing so. Structured water units and devices exist, too! It depends on what works for you! Other methods of structuring water include exposing water to frequencies and sounds (simply energies) that are attuned specifically for structuring. And there you go! Give it a try if this calls to you and observe for yourself to see how structured water may affect your quality of life!