At Sol Alchemy, we wouldn’t have considered sourcing ingredients any other way. We went out of our way and spent years of research finding the plants and herbs produced by fair-trade farmers and companies. Sol Alchemy intended to lead the snack bar industry by developing products that no other company had taken the time and depth of understanding to produce. And now we can offer them to you.

What does it mean to be Fair Trade? It is a system that starts from the premise that the lives of farmers and producers have value, a social benefit that you pay for when purchasing a fair-trade product. It means farmers and producers receive more money to support their families and they work under long-term contracts that enables their communities to invest in improvements both to their businesses  and their infrastructure. Generally, fair-trade producers are small cooperatives of workers using no child or forced labor, using organic or environmentally sustainable methods, and having high standards of animal welfare.

Sol Alchemy’s beliefs run deep about cultural and social equity allowing people throughout the  world to maintain healthy, happy lifestyles.