For most of us, the past eight months have been nothing short of a whirlwind. At best, the radical changes that we’ve all gone through this year have been extremely strange, if not downright catastrophic. The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed our collective world, leaving us stuck figuring out new ways to safely and efficiently get through our day-to-day life. In the midst of all this uncertainty, female entrepreneur Gabriella Gordillo saw an opportunity to fill a void in this new reality we are all experiencing–– leading to the creation of her new business, Sol Alchemy Snacks.

With the growing number of Americans jumping on the work-from-home bandwagon, Gabriella recognized that there would undoubtedly be a resulting struggle for many in the healthy food department. We’ve all been thrown into a new normal, and oftentimes our new routines don’t prioritize smart eating habits. Let’s face it–– we’ve all been guilty of letting our healthy eating regimen go completely out the window during times of stress. Parents working from home while also trying to juggle their kids’ transition to virtual schooling on the living room couch may simply not have the energy or time to create mindful and nutritious foods for their family. This is, of course, understandable, and there should exist a creative and helpful option to ease the stress of such a common dilemma.

The concept is simple–– reaching for an unhealthy option to satisfy your hunger can often feel like the easiest choice, but keeping a reliably delicious and healthy snack stocked in your kitchen cabinet can lead to smarter, simpler snacking decisions. However, when Gabriella sought out a product that would tick all of her boxes, she realized just how hard they were to find. Sol Alchemy Snacks was born out of her need for wholesome, easy-to-access plant-based snacking options. In a world where sugar-riddled, highly-processed snacks are the norm, Gabriella sought to create an artisan product that was free of additives and impossible-to-pronounce ingredients, while also tasting amazing.

The resulting product is Sol Alchemy’s beautifully-curated collection of yummy and health-conscious nut bites. These snacks leave you feeling fueled and satisfied whenever that mid-afternoon slump hits, and they come in a variety of different flavors–– Cookie Dough, Cacao Brownie, and Almond Cherry–– that ensure you never get bored with the selection and resort to eating an unhealthy alternative. The core belief of this conscious brand–– that what you leave out of your snacks is just as important as what you put into them–– comes into play in every decision made at Sol Alchemy Snacks. For that reason, you will never find gluten, dairy, unhealthy preservatives, processed sugars, or impossible-to-pronounce chemicals in any of Sol Alchemy’s snacks.

These delicious bite-sized plant-based snacks have been consciously formulated for optimal health. Sol Alchemy’s exclusive use of only whole food ingredients ensures that your source of fuel is as natural and free of additives as possible. Keeping your overall nutrition in mind, the team at Sol Alchemy adds a variety of superfoods to every flavor they produce, giving you an extra boost with every bite. Their well-researched and ethically-sourced ingredients always include adaptogens and powerful botanical herbs that work to heal our bodies from within. Sol Alchemy Snacks satisfy your hunger in convenient bites of goodness, allowing you to eliminate heavily-processed snacks from your diet altogether.

Sol Alchemy’s utilization of superfoods and botanicals has resulted in a product unlike any other on the market today. Superfoods, which are nutrient rich and especially beneficial for health and wellbeing, take these already amazing snacks to the next level. The addition of adaptogens allow the body to cope with stress and strengthens one’s immune system by providing resistance to diseases and various other harmful biological and environmental factors. Studies have shown that these incredible plants used in Sol Alchemy Snacks may allow us to optimize our health, open and clarify our minds, strengthen our memory and intellect, support focus and concentration, encourage a balanced emotional state, boost daytime energy and nighttime sleep, support healthy blood cells and promote healthy skin and hair.

Businesses owned by women are on the rise, especially  in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, as more and more women see the importance of creating self-sustaining operations and opening their own companies. Gabriella Gordillo has started and operated a number of businesses, all of which have brought together her passions. In this latest venture, Gabriella’s love of food with a purpose has merged with her drive to create delicious and healthy nut bites that truly satisfy both body and soul. Her goal was to create snacks that are not only good, but good for you, which has led her to reinvent the snack bar.

Remaining true to her values, Gabriella ensures that Sol Alchemy Snacks are held to high standards in regards to sustainability, and as a result, all of their plant-based snacks are packaged in 85% post-consumer recycled pouches. By purchasing a product packaged in recycled materials, consumers are able to support recycling efforts as a whole, contributing to sustainability efforts across the board. Gabriella is proud of the slight imperfections you may notice in the packages used by Sol Alchemy, as they symbolize her company’s commitment to being environmentally responsible.

Gabriella’s commitment to a plant-based lifestyle was equally as important in the development of her business, and as a result Sol Alchemy Snacks will always align with a vegan diet. This commitment is rooted in the science supporting a plant-based lifestyle as one of the most effective ways to combat climate change and reduce animal suffering. Plant-based eating focuses on foods primarily derived from plants, including not only fruits and vegetables, but also nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, legumes, and beans. At Sol Alchemy, the belief is that a plant-based diet is a great way to achieve optimal health! The research is clear–– a plant-based diet lowers the risks of heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, obesity, and other health conditions. Sol Alchemy Snacks are made of foods full of fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals, free of cholesterol, and low in calories and saturated fat. By eating a variety of plant-based foods, including a selection of Sol Alchemy Snacks, the protein, calcium and essential nutrients that we need to fuel our bodies are in abundance.

Health benefits aside, adopting a plant-based diet undeniably reduces the harm done to animals, as we all know. Gabriella’s love of animals plays into every decision she makes, and Sol Alchemy’s plant-based products reflect positively on the wellbeing of animals by using only ethical and cruelty-free ingredients. Sol Alchemy’s line of snacks encourages everyone to incorporate mindfulness and compassion in their day by eating plant-based, as the impact goes far beyond one’s taste buds.

When it comes to sourcing ingredients for their products, the team at Sol Alchemy wouldn’t have considered anything other than Fair Trade. Gabriella and her employees went out of their way, spending years of research finding the plants and herbs they needed, which were also produced by Fair Trade farmers and companies. Sol Alchemy Snacks intended to lead the snack bar industry by developing artisan products that no other company had taken the time and depth of understanding to produce. In order to achieve this, choosing Fair Trade was a no-brainer.

Starting with the premise that the lives of farmers and producers have value, this ethical system offers a social benefit that you pay for when purchasing a Fair Trade product. It ensures that farmers and producers receive more money to support their families, and they work under long-term contracts that enable their communities to invest in improvements to both their businesses and their infrastructure. Generally, Fair Trade producers are small cooperatives of workers using no child labor or forced labor. They are often using organic or environmentally sustainable methods, and having high standards of animal welfare. Sol Alchemy’s beliefs run deep in regard to cultural and social equity, allowing people throughout the world to maintain healthy, happy lifestyles, and their promise to only use ethical production supports those beliefs.

All in all, Sol Alchemy offers a solution to a very time-honored problem–– making healthy eating accessible and delicious. Through Sol Alchemy Snacks, Gabriella Gordillo is creating never-before-available bites of exotic combinations of plants and herbs that heal from within. While the decision to launch during a global pandemic was a difficult one, Gabriella’s determination to make this dream a reality has already proven a success, and she is eager to make her products more widely available to those who need them during this challenging time. The next time you’re feeling hungry, she encourages you to reach for a conscious artisan snack from Sol Alchemy–– you may just find magic in every bite!